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Cauchemard : Mutants, carnage
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posté le 30/10/2013 à 8h25
Membre de Platine 4+
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Bon, z'êtes prévenus, c'est un cauchemar.

Je l'ai déjà raconté à quelqu'un en anglais et flemme de traduire :

We are all mutants, progressing through what look likes an abandonned house, but it's a massacre, blood everywhere, the one still alive dont know if they can trust the other ones still alive. We are progressing like if we all needed to reach somewhere (like to get healed or what?)
There was ppl i know in that dream
Ppl from series, there was friend, my mother
blood, blood, blood
and then
there is a narrow passage
and my mom and a weird guy pass in front of me
that guy...
he was hiding his mutation behind his back like ashamed
but as he pass in front of me i saw it, he had long long claws
(in that nightmare i saw ppl died, dead and damaged bodies, lot of blood and zombies, so what)
just after he got trough that narrow passage (you had to climb a ladder and squeeze yourself to get through)
I heard a loud breathing
and before i make one more step
i saw the claws falling in front of my eyes, one by one, as he dropped them in the hole he just passed through and I was about too
and the breathing louder and louder
i'm fucking scared
and i woke up
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